One is never enough

Today I bought our third stroller. I know, it sounds crazy. But strollers are like shoes: could you pick one pair of shoes that would work for all situations? It would be hard. Same with strollers. We have our Chariot, which we love dearly, a bike trailer/stroller/jogger combo, made in Calgary and extremely well thought of. You barely need to push it and it works wonders to prevent cabin fever, as it protects your little one perfectly well into the pouring Vancouver rain. We have our Graco travel system, which was great for carrying the baby car seat (to the Co-op car, for instance), but the stroller is really not that good and a little too big still to take easily on the bus or shove in the trunk for “maybe” purposes. So today we splurged.

We bought a MacLaren umbrella stroller. The Volo, the cheapest, lightest model. It folds extremely small and has a carry strap, so we’ll be able to carry it when Elliot starts wanting to walk (at the speed things are going, probably in a month or two)… MacLaren strollers are known for their easy steering and ease of use in general. It’s just a shame that the nearest store that carries them has some of the worse customer service I’ve seen around. But that will be the topic of another post…

I’ll let you know how I like the stroller. But I’m convinced it will prove to be invaluable. I’d better hope so, with the money we spent on yet another baby item!

Oh, and as a side note, like most new things we purchase, it stinks! It’s airing out on the balcony right now. Luckily it is for use outdoors, so it shouldn’t matter as much!

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