Do you want to pet my fruit fly?

We are dealing with an epidemic of fruit flies. Yesterday, when Zak opened his worm composter, a cloud of flies big enough to swallow an entire house (at least it seemed that way) escaped. Thank God I insisted that the compost stay on the balcony (Zak was inclined to use it as a coffee table)… Enough made their way into the house that I found one in my water glass this morning. They’re everywhere: in the kitchen, the bathroom…

But the funniest thing was when Zak searched the Internet to try and find a way to get rid of them. He found a site advocating “humane” ways to get rid of flies: trap them in a jar with a banana in it and release them into the wild once a day. Fruit flies! We’re not talking about seals here, or even pigeons. They’re fruit flies! We can’t even kill fruit flies without guilt nowadays?

Maybe we should tame them and build a fruit fly circus. You never know, maybe that’s the money-making scheme we’ve been looking for!

3 Responses to “Do you want to pet my fruit fly?”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Quand j’habitais à Sélestat, notre maison était construite près d’un ancien poulailler… nous avions des mouches… mais des mouches!!! Beurk!!! J’en ai rarement vu autant dans une même pièce!!!

  2. sophie Says:

    Et je te gage que quand tu réussissais à en attraper, tu ne les relâchais pas dans la nature…

  3. Kevin McConnell Says:

    We went through that and never really did find a great solution. You go for the patio method here in Alberta and the worms freeze in the winter. We had fruit flies everywhere inside when we were composting…not pleasant. A solarium type thing that is heated or insulated at least would be great, but we are still in a patio. For now we have put this level of enviro on hold till we have a bigger place or more tolerance for the flies