Genius idea wanted!

I am going back to work in less than 4 months now, and although it may seem like it’s still ways away, I know it will be over in the blink of an eye given how fast the past 8 months went by and given that we have tons of projects for the summer. We still don’t have a spot in day care for our son, and likely won’t by the time we need it. So we need to either find a place in a family day care, or one of us would have to stay home.

Which is why we need a genius idea. There seem to be tons of people who come up with a seemingly so simple idea, grow it into a profitable company, get bought out by Google, Microsoft or another major corporation and retire wealthy. We need one of those great ideas so that one of us can stay home with Elliot and yet make enough money to allow us to keep a decent standard of living.

We’re still thinking… If you have one of those crazy good ideas and wish to share, don’t hesitate!

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