The Sherpani Saga

Several posts back, I explained how we hesitated for a long time over which baby carrier to purchase. We finally bought a Sherpani baby carrier online. We thought we were done with our troubles… Little did we know that it was only the beginning of a long, very long saga!

We ordered our carrier from Mountain Baby, a retailer from Nelson, BC. It arrived quickly and in good shape, but unfortunately, after only a one-hour walk, the inside lining of the carrier was already ripping. Needless to say we were extremely disappointed.

Zak and Elliot in the carrierRipping liner of the carrier

We emailed Sherpani and Mountain Baby, and although the first never even acknowledged reception of our email, Mountain Baby did and assured us that we would be able to get a replacement carrier. Only downside was, we would have to pay to ship the defective carrier back to the distributor. Apparently “that’s how the warranty works”.

It took a while for Mountain Baby to sort things out with the Sherpani distributor in Canada, but we finally received a new carrier in the mail, this time black because they were out of the red one. Again, we thought we were in business, but no! The carrier was defective! The sun shade was sown crooked and totally unusable, and the carrier itself felt wrong when we put it on. It was lopsided. Grrrr!

Comparing the two sun shadesDefective sun shade

This time, we decided to deal directly with Mountain Baby. We asked them to pay for us to return the new, black carrier. We decided that we would rather keep the red one, as it is usable (and rather comfortable) even though it is ripping. Mountain Baby’s representative apologized profusely for not verifying the sun shade before shipping the carrier and accepted to pay for the return shipping. They assured us that they have never had that kind of problem before, that Sherpani carrier are usually flawless. They also offered to send us a brand new, 2008 carrier when they came out. They have now received them and should be shipping us one shortly.

We are hoping that this time the new backpack will have no defect. We like the fit and the comfort of the pack, we like the way Elliot fits in it, it seems extremely safe, but boy! Someone need better quality control! We were already unsure when awaiting a second carrier, because the rip simply seems due to a flimsy fabric and we were skeptical that a new one would be better. Now we are scared that the third (!!!) carrier we try may have some other issue with it. And what if it is some harder-to-detect flaw that appears only after a while?

The moral of the story is, although we are extremely satisfied with the customer service we received from Mountain Baby and I would recommend buying from them to any online shopper, we are disappointed with Sherpani and the quality of their manufacturing. I guess that’s what you can expect with products made in China…

To be continued.

8 Responses to “The Sherpani Saga”

  1. Dan Says:

    That’s really sad to hear Sophie. And I absolutely agree with your point that you can not trust any of the Chinese products. I had the same problem like you but We decided to buy one from another company.

  2. sophie Says:

    Interesting to hear… When we did our research, we scoured the Internet for any comment on the Sherpani carrier and we could not find any mention of anything wrong with the Rumba (someone complained about their smaller carrier, but not the Rumba). Maybe people need to start complaining more!

  3. Lee-Ann Says:

    I hope that was only a one off situation on the workmanship. As I just ordered (May 12/08)the Rumba due to it being the only unit on the market that I can find that will carry the higher weight.

  4. Lee-Ann Says:

    Have you received the third unit yet? If so has it proved to be worth it?

  5. Jesse Says:

    Did you have any luck? I just ordered and received the rumba super light and have simmilar issues with the stitching on the hood as well as on the pack itself. not quite as extreame as yours but enough that under tension it looks like the fabric will rip. Emailed Mountain baby today so we’ll see what they say.

  6. BlueRiver Trading Says:

    Hello To Sophie, Zahary & Baby Elliot!

    I am contacting you from BlueRiver Trading – the Canadian Distributors of Sherpani products. We have just returned from Salt Lake City where we attended the annual OR show. It was at the show last week that we were first made aware of your situation with the Sherpani Baby Carrier you had purchased earlier this year. We would like to immediately correct the situation directly with you. Please contact us directly at your earliest opportunity either by reply e-mail or by phone at 1.800.393.9884 ex 216.
    Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as it is convenient for you,

  7. BlueRiver Trading Says:

    Hello again Sophie, Zahary & Baby Elliot,

    We haven’t heard back from you, so we were just checking in to see when we can assist you with your Sherpani carrier? Please contact us at your earliest so we may replace your defective carrier.

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