Slightly disappointing

Apparently, Earth Hour 2008 was a success. People around the world turned off their lights, landmark buildings went dark, etc. Yet it left me slightly disappointed. I guess I was expecting too much of the event. Vancouver was participating, and although I heard about it for the first time last Tuesday, it has been in every paper and on every radio show since then (and probably on TV too, I couldn’t tell, I still don’t watch TV). But at 8 pm, when we looked outside, we saw… nothing.

Well, actually, we saw lots. Lots of lights. I live in a densely populated area of the downtown core, and I can see hundreds or more likely thousands of apartment windows from my living room. At 8 pm, we turned off our lights. Yet I didn’t see any major change in the landscape. People near or far had their lights on. Of course, I wasn’t expecting everyone to turn off their lights. But I though enough people would participate so that I would see a change outside. Nope.

Worse, there is so much light pollution here that we didn’t even need our candles. With all the lights out, we could still see enough to keep doing our spring cleaning (we just rearranged our living room and papers that needed sorting were scattered all over). By the window, you could even read without the candles. Good luck to those who were talking about watching the stars. Not a chance in hell.

I can’t help but find it sad. I though people were starting to realize that global warming is a pressing issue and that we need to do something about it now. I guess I’m still naive…

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