What’s up with the weather?

Now, I’m not one to complain about the weather. I barely notice the rain in Vancouver: when everyone is whining that it’s horrible outside, I put on good clothing, roll down the rain cover on our stroller and go for a walk with my ever happy dog. I enjoy the creepiness of the fog, I love snow and I usually take warm spells in stride. But today is something else, something so out of the ordinary that I had to talk about it.

It’s snowing. No big deal for Quebeckers, although even in the East when it snows on March 29 people tend to complain and long for warmer weather. But I’m not in Quebec. I’m in Vancouver. It barely EVER snows here. We had two snow events this year. The snow stuck for only one of those, and even then, only for 24 hours. Now this week, we had hail, a thunderstorm, snow and then today more hail. So much hail, as a matter of fact, that it covered the ground in about 10 minutes. Now, a few hours later, it is turning to rain and it will soon have melted from the roads, but there is still about two inches of the white stuff on the roofs.

Stroller in the hailTraffic in the snow

In Vancouver, spring usually starts some time in February. The daffodils have been out for a while. The cherry trees are in bloom.

Palm tree in the snowBlooming tree in the snow

Crazy I say, crazy. If only people could stop saying: “Where is that global warming they’re talking about?” This IS global warming. Total fucked up weather. Happy earth hour tonight…

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