Kudos to Single Parents…

It is the end of March, the end of the fiscal year for the federal government. A very busy period for us at the office, but this year I don’t care because I’m still on mat leave. My husband’s employer, however, has a federal department for client, and they are swamped right now, trying to finish some work before the end of the month. It is 8:30 pm and my husband is not back from work yet. I had to put our son to bed a long time ago so he didn’t see him, just like yesterday. I’m lucky that they see each other in the morning!

Well, I’m lucky, too, that this happens only a few weeks a year. Zak is usually back for supper and although he sometimes has to work overtime, it is not a regular occurrence. On most days, he’s here to play with Elliot while I’m cooking dinner, then we put our son to bed together. In the evening, we share tasks like dishes, laundry or taking the dog for a walk. Doing it all by myself is tiring and it makes me appreciate once again how lucky I am to have someone to do the parenting with. Someone I love, someone who shares my laughters and my tears, someone who listens to me describe the little things that happen during the day.

So to all the single parents out there: I feel your pain. You, who do this day in, day out, are amazing and deserve our admiration. Oh, and a break, too. Wish I could help!

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