A Beautiful Spring Day

I know, we are still in February and therefore it is not spring yet and won’t be for another month. But tell that to Vancouverites today and they won’t believe you. Right now, in their city, the sun is shining bright and it is 14 degrees (above zero, small precisions for the Quebeckers reading this blog). I went outside with just a fleece jacket and I was too warm!

Every morning since the beginning of the week I have heard the weather forecasters say: “Enjoy the weather today, because tomorrow the rain will be upon us”. Yet it has only gotten better and better. I did enjoy it: I went for long walks, took the dog to the park and soaked in that vitamin D. And I looked at the skies wondering where were those clouds we were promised.

Now, it is only February. I know that it’s not really spring. The rain will come back. I will still need my down jacket (heck, last year I think I didn’t put it away until June). But I don’t care. I’m enjoying today’s weather.

P.S. Next time you Vancouverites feel like complaining about the weather, note this: right now in Montreal, it is -8 and snowing, -15 with the wind chill.

One Response to “A Beautiful Spring Day”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Je vois que nous avons des climats comparables. Aujourd’hui, il fait si beau!!! Ensoleillé, et certains arbres ont déjà des fleurs! C’est magnifique!