Scary Stuff!

Just a few days past his six month anniversary, our son has decided that it’s not enough to be able to roll back and forth, push himself up high on his arms and push himself backwards in this position. No, this morning, he actually managed to push himself up on his knees! It lasted only for a second, but that is scary stuff. I believe that’s how babies end up crawling. But I’m not ready for that yet! Sure, we did buy safety gates in case such a thing happened before too long. But he’s just a baby, for Christ’s sake! Six months and 2 days ago he was still in my tummy! How could he already be able to move from point A to point B without my help?

Is that how mothers feel when their teenager borrows the car keys for the first time?

I suddenly feel very very old!

2 Responses to “Scary Stuff!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Et c’est pas fini, ma jolie!!!!

  2. sophie Says:

    Je sais… Au moins je suis assez lucide pour m’en rendre compte :-)