Done Shopping… I Hope

So Wednesday, I missed my fitness class to stay home and wait for a FedEx delivery. When I called to give them our oh!-so-hard-to-figure-out buzzer number, I asked if they could come in the afternoon, but they could not guarantee it. So I didn’t move until they came… at 14:15. But at least now we have a high chair! It is beautiful, looks sturdy and safe and it took Zak only half an hour to put it together, which beats most Ikea furniture (I think the instructions were even readable… not that he would have read them anyway, though, after all he’s a man)! For now, though, we have decided to keep using our cheap Ikea chair until our son is a bit more steady sitting up, because the new chair is a bit too wide and he’s still unsteady.

But that means we’re done shopping! We bought safety gates for the stairs (not a minute too soon, I think, since our son is already starting to try and balance on his knees), we have our backpack now (reviews to come once we have actually used it)… Hopefully we’re good for a few months… until the next stage happens and we need to flip our house upside-down again.

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