We are expecting a high chair, delivered by FedEx. Yesterday, I was home all day. When I went to get the mail, I found a FedEx notice saying that they “didn’t have the buzzer number”. What? They had our apartment number, which is the same as the buzzer number. I know it’s not always like that, but it is often enough that you’d think they would at least try that, no? No. They called me though, but apparently I had given my cell phone number, and since I was home I didn’t have my cell on me and I didn’t hear it.

So they will be coming back today. I was supposed to go to my fitness class, but I will stay home because I won’t be home tomorrow, so if I miss them today and tomorrow, we’ll have to go God knows where pick up our huge parcel. I called and gave them the buzzer number and the home phone number, and I’m sitting by the cell phone as well just in case. Hopefully this time, I’ll get a high chair!

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  1. Danielle Says:

    Et puis? Tu l’as eue, finalement???