Cough! Cough!

My son is sick. Nothing bad, according to the doctor, a simple viral infection. But it’s his first illness, and he’s only 6 months old…

How do you explain to a baby who’s nose is plugged, who has trouble feeding because it’s hard to breathe at the same time, who keeps coughing and who obviously feels like crap, that you understand, that you really wish you could do something to help him feel better, but that there’s just nothing you can do! You can’t explain that, of course. That’s what’s terrible with sickness in young children. I can’t even imagine what it must be when it’s a real illness instead of simple sniffles.

In our case, it all started Monday night. Elliot went to bed moaning and woke up with a fever and a cough. We gave him Tylenol and the fever subsided, but the cough sounded pretty bad to us. We managed to see a doctor Tuesday afternoon. Of course, he didn’t have a fever anymore and he never coughed in front of the doctor (there must be something weird in the air of medical clinic that instantly relieves all simptoms of respiratory infections), so we were nicely told that it was nothing, to go home and give him lots of fluids. So we did, and put him to bed hoping he would sleep, since we hadn’t had a very good night the night before. Zak and I were so exhausted that we went to bed at 7, right after our baby.

Elliot slept pretty well until 2:30, at which point I fed him, then he coughed and threw up all the recently ingested milk over me, my pajamas, my hair, the rocking chair, his pajamas… I changed him, fetched the nose pump to try and clear his nose so he could drink more easily (I know, not a very nice image to put into your mind… sorry), found out he had also puked all over his bed at some point of the night, then fed him again. This time he kept it in, which is good because my main concern at that point was dehydration. Very bad and quick to happen in babies! I managed to put him back to bed at 3:30 and he slept until 6:45, so we all caught up on our sleep.

This morning Elliot still has a plugged nose and a cough, but he kept his milk again. Hopefully I’ll be able to get him to sleep a lot today to help fight the baddies. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll even manage to make a dent in the accumulated pile of dishes… You never know!

A Beautiful Spring Day

I know, we are still in February and therefore it is not spring yet and won’t be for another month. But tell that to Vancouverites today and they won’t believe you. Right now, in their city, the sun is shining bright and it is 14 degrees (above zero, small precisions for the Quebeckers reading this blog). I went outside with just a fleece jacket and I was too warm!

Every morning since the beginning of the week I have heard the weather forecasters say: “Enjoy the weather today, because tomorrow the rain will be upon us”. Yet it has only gotten better and better. I did enjoy it: I went for long walks, took the dog to the park and soaked in that vitamin D. And I looked at the skies wondering where were those clouds we were promised.

Now, it is only February. I know that it’s not really spring. The rain will come back. I will still need my down jacket (heck, last year I think I didn’t put it away until June). But I don’t care. I’m enjoying today’s weather.

P.S. Next time you Vancouverites feel like complaining about the weather, note this: right now in Montreal, it is -8 and snowing, -15 with the wind chill.

One Tooth…

Our baby has a tooth! Well, at least the promise of one…

Yesterday, he was whiny and cranky all afternoon, so I wondered if, this time, it could be that he’s teething (I have been really quick to try and blame every issue on teething, but so far it had never been the problem). I put my finger in his mouth, and there it was: a little sharp edge coming out of his gum.

You can’t see it yet, but it’s there! And I bet there are more to come…

A Taste of Freedom…

Saturday, for the first time since our son was born, we went out without him…

He is six months old, and in another context we probably would have done it sooner. But we are far from our families (natural babysitters), Elliot has never accepted to drink from a bottle and I always had trouble pumping my milk. So I had never left him alone for more than a few hours, and on those rare occasions he was always with his dad.

Saturday, though, for my birthday, my in-laws had given us tickets for a Wailin’ Jennys concert. Good friends of ours were nice enough to come to our place, so we were able to put our boy to bed before we left. I had managed to pump enough milk for a feed, and after lots of practice Elliot can now drink it from a sippy cup. The only unknown was: would he wake up before we came back, and if so, would our baby-sitters be able to put him back to sleep or would he be a real fury?

It turned out to be a hugely successful evening. The concert was amazing, and even the first act, Kelly Joe Phelps (which we didn’t know at all), was quite interesting (and an impressive guitar player). Elliot woke up around 10:30, and when we got home at 11 our friend had just finished giving him a bottle. He had gone right back to sleep. We had some delicious chocolate cheese cake made by my sister-in-law, and went to bed tired and way too late, but happy to know that the universe doesn’t come to a halt if we go out baby-less for an adult-only evening.

We might even do it again…

Scary Stuff!

Just a few days past his six month anniversary, our son has decided that it’s not enough to be able to roll back and forth, push himself up high on his arms and push himself backwards in this position. No, this morning, he actually managed to push himself up on his knees! It lasted only for a second, but that is scary stuff. I believe that’s how babies end up crawling. But I’m not ready for that yet! Sure, we did buy safety gates in case such a thing happened before too long. But he’s just a baby, for Christ’s sake! Six months and 2 days ago he was still in my tummy! How could he already be able to move from point A to point B without my help?

Is that how mothers feel when their teenager borrows the car keys for the first time?

I suddenly feel very very old!

Done Shopping… I Hope

So Wednesday, I missed my fitness class to stay home and wait for a FedEx delivery. When I called to give them our oh!-so-hard-to-figure-out buzzer number, I asked if they could come in the afternoon, but they could not guarantee it. So I didn’t move until they came… at 14:15. But at least now we have a high chair! It is beautiful, looks sturdy and safe and it took Zak only half an hour to put it together, which beats most Ikea furniture (I think the instructions were even readable… not that he would have read them anyway, though, after all he’s a man)! For now, though, we have decided to keep using our cheap Ikea chair until our son is a bit more steady sitting up, because the new chair is a bit too wide and he’s still unsteady.

But that means we’re done shopping! We bought safety gates for the stairs (not a minute too soon, I think, since our son is already starting to try and balance on his knees), we have our backpack now (reviews to come once we have actually used it)… Hopefully we’re good for a few months… until the next stage happens and we need to flip our house upside-down again.


We are expecting a high chair, delivered by FedEx. Yesterday, I was home all day. When I went to get the mail, I found a FedEx notice saying that they “didn’t have the buzzer number”. What? They had our apartment number, which is the same as the buzzer number. I know it’s not always like that, but it is often enough that you’d think they would at least try that, no? No. They called me though, but apparently I had given my cell phone number, and since I was home I didn’t have my cell on me and I didn’t hear it.

So they will be coming back today. I was supposed to go to my fitness class, but I will stay home because I won’t be home tomorrow, so if I miss them today and tomorrow, we’ll have to go God knows where pick up our huge parcel. I called and gave them the buzzer number and the home phone number, and I’m sitting by the cell phone as well just in case. Hopefully this time, I’ll get a high chair!