Professional Shopper Wanted!

Our son is now 5 1/2 months old, which is pretty close to 6 months. And it seems that everything changes at 6 months old, or at least you have a whole lot of new things to worry about. We bought a new car seat last weekend as ours seems to be shrinking daily (some would say it’s our son growing, but he can’t possibly grow that fast, can he?). The weekend before last, we went shopping for a high chair, as 6 months is the magic age at which breast milk doesn’t suffice for your little one’s wellbeing anymore. We had a hard time, as we are trying to avoid the usual toxic-vinyl-covered high chairs (which also take a lot of space that we don’t have). We ended up ordering an all-wood high chair online, in blind faith (blind because after reading about 1000 reviews and checking every single baby store in the city, we had lost our sight if not our mind). Now, we are trying to buy a back carrier…

Have I told you that we hate shopping? We have had unusually sunny weather here in BC and we are longing to go for a hike, but instead we are stuck shopping. Now, we want a backpack to carry our boy since he’s getting too heavy for me to carry him in a sling, and for hikes it would be perfect, but I bet that by the time we actually find one the weather will be terrible again… Anyway, we have tried several packs, and Elliot obviously loves the view point. He is just about old enough for it, too. Perfect timing… but we can’t make up our mind!

The MEC backpack, the cheapest, seemed great to Zakary, but it made me feel like I was going to fall backwards (although it’s hard to know if it would feel better once properly adjusted, something almost impossible to do when trying a backpack in a store). Everyone was sold out of the Deuter KidComfort III, and we don’t like the feel of the hip belt on the KidComfort II. Sunday we saw the LittleLife, which felt pretty good, but the baby harness doesn’t seem as safe or as comfortable as some of the other ones out there, and although that carrier seems rather popular in Great-Britain, we cannot find many reviews online. We also wouldn’t be able to buy the accessories here, like the rain cover, and would have to order them and pay shipping, etc. But that rain cover and other accessories look like the ones that make the most sense to us. Finally, we have read raving reviews about the Sherpani carrier, which looks great, but no-one here carries it, so we would have to once again order it over the Internet, which is a huge leap of faith for something like that. And the Sherpani and MEC packs don’t have a rain cover at all, which is not very practical in BC. We could probably attach a Deuter rain cover to them, but it may not be a perfect fit.

So what are two parents to do? I dreamed of backpacks all night, and I still didn’t find the right solution. If there is anyone out there with good advice, speak now or forever hold your peace, because we want to make our purchase very soon!

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  1. Danielle Says:

    Comme je compatis… Je n’aime pas du tout magasiner, mais j’ai un charmant mari qui adore!!! Un peu trop même, parfois… Mais si vous l’engagiez comme magasineur… je ne garantis pas qu’il n’y aura pas de matières dangereuses dans le matériel… Ce sera la beauté et le côté pratique qui compteront…