Success… at last

After a long period of very bad sleep, I am happy to report that Elliot now wakes up only twice on most nights. For most people it may sound like Hell, but it is such an improvement over what it has been for the past month or two that I am (almost) in Heaven. We can now put Elliot to bed around 7 and trust that he won’t wake up again before 12 am, sometimes even 1. Then he wakes up again around 4. Yesterday his second wake-up was at 5 so I waited for a bit and he fell back asleep until 6, his usual wake-up time, which means I got up only once! Let’s hope he’ll do that again…

The weird thing is, now that Elliot is in bed at 7, I sometimes wonder what to do with my evenings… I still go to bed around 9, since my interrupted sleep is not super-restful, but it gives me about 2 hours of baby-free time. I’m so not used to this! I even read a book the other day (hard to believe, I know)! Good thing there’s still dishes to wash, laundry, etc. to keep me busy.

One Response to “Success… at last”

  1. kevinandkathleen Says:

    Hey Zak and Sophie. It seems like forever since we have chatted. I have enjoyed reading these last two posts and feeling more connected to you two. Now that I know that Elliot is asleep (or at least in bed) by 7, I will call soon in the earlier evening (6 your time is good?) All the best to you both!