Father and Son

One of my purest joys since the birth of my son has been to watch my husband take care of him. Not because it allows me to rest (which is also nice), but because the conversations they have are probably the most entertaining thing I have ever heard.

Our baby is 4 months old, so of course he doesn’t understand anything, although of course we still have to talk to him. But to me it has never really come naturally: I talk to him because I know it’s good for him and I have too, but I have to make a conscious effort to speak my thoughts out loud. In my husband’s case, however, it seems to be second nature. He’ll chat with our son about anything, from the merits of this versus that toy to the way you cut the vegetables for supper. They have long conversations in which the baby even has his say (by way of Daddy translation, of course, but still).

When they’re chatting like that, I like to just sit back and listen. It’s tremendously funny. It’s also extremely touching. I know that I am lucky to have a husband who gets that involved in raising our son; not all daddies are like that. But there are more and more. And every time I see those young fathers actively taking care of their children, I can’t help but compare them to the role our fathers played in our lives and think that our children are lucky. I’m not saying that to blame our dads: they were a product of their times, just like our husbands are a product of ours. I’m just enjoying the change and thinking how much society has evolved.

The right way, I’d say. I’m sure my son will enjoy a much closer relationship with his dad than I had with mine when I was a child. And I’m sure that will be a positive influence in his life. So I’ll just sit back and listen. And laugh. And enjoy. And love those two handsome men…

Long Silence…

I know, this blog has been awfully quiet for the last little while. The problem is, my 4-month-old son has decided to stop sleeping. He used to be a pretty good sleeper: at 2 months old, he would sleep from 9 to 3, then from 3:30 to 6:30 or 7… I had no clue just how lucky I was! About a month ago he added a feeding around midnight. I didn’t like it, but I figured that was still pretty good. Then he started waking up every 2 hours. Then every hour. These days, although we can put him to bed relatively easily, he tends to wake up suddenly thirty (or fifteen, or five) minutes later.

That means that I’m deeply sleep-deprived, and when he sleeps during the day I have to nap, too, instead of write posts. But of course that is rare, too; his naps seem to also end after half an hour. We have tried everything: he won’t take a soother, he won’t take a bottle, music doesn’t help… We tried swaddling him again. We tried giving him a bath before bedtime. We tried the swing – that helps him stay asleep for 30 to 60 minutes, but we couldn’t use it at night since it has an auto-shut-off. We are now looking forward to his doctor’s appointment on tomorrow. Maybe he has an ear infection? Maybe he’s allergic to something I’m eating? Who knows…

So until he (and I) get a little bit more sleep, this blog may be a bit boring. And the November photos may not get posted either, as Zak is spending all of his time at home taking care of the baby so I can get some rest (and hopefully not go completely insane) instead of editing photos… Sorry for that. Eventually things should get better and we’ll be back on track. Hope you stick around!

It’s snowing!

For most Canadians at this time of the year, this would hardly be newsworthy. But for us living in Vancouver, the snow that has been falling for 2 days is just short of amazing! We rarely get more than a few days of temperatures below freezing here during the whole winter, and if we do get snow most winters, usually it’s a short snowfall that doesn’t stick to the ground or melts within a few hours. But it snowed for most of yesterday and big snowflakes are filling up the sky again right now!

Most Vancouverites didn’t grow up in Vancouver but elsewhere. A lot of them came here for the warm weather, so when it’s cold and damp they complain. But I think everyone actually enjoys the snow. It reminds them of another home in another time. I know it sure does for me! I really loved those mornings after a storm in Quebec when no-one was in a rush, because there was nowhere to go since everything was closed, and neighbors who had never talked to each other offered to help clean up other people’s driveways or push cars out of the snowbank. It seemed to bring the best out of people. Like it did for my husband, this morning, who spontaneously decided to go shovel the snow in front of our co-op. It’s not his task. It’s no-one’s task. Someone had to do it, so he went.

Time to go outside too and let our little boy discover his first snow. Unfortunately he won’t remember it, but hopefully we can take some good photos to create lasting memories! And when we come back in, there will be some good hot chocolate to wamr our hands and our hearts.

Have a great snow day!