Life is so Fragile…

One of my uncles just died of cancer, leaving behind 4 children. The youngest is 15 years old… Another of my uncles has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And one of Zakary’s uncles passed away last week of ALS (amyothrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease).

It is sad, of course, even if they are not family members that we are particularly close to. It’s hard for my mother to say goodbye to her oldest brother. I’m sure it’s making her think about how she herself is getting older, even though she is still quite young and healthy. My uncle who is terminally ill is exactly the same age as my father. It makes me realize that we are all getting older, and they are getting older far away from me.

In the last three months my baby has gone from a fetus to a real little person with his own temperament, likes and dislikes. Already, a quarter of my year of maternity leave has gone by. I know it’s an old cliché, but time does go by extremely rapidly. And you never know what’s around the corner for you or for the ones you love.

So live every day fully, because you never know how many more you have left with your family. Spend time with your loved ones today. Laugh, cry, enjoy every minute. Stop postponing your dreams, your big plans. And quit whining. You’re alive. You’re well. You’re lucky.

I’m serving that advice to myself more than to anybody else. If only I was as wise in my actions as I am in my writings…

Have a happy day!

5 Responses to “Life is so Fragile…”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Bravo Sophie!

    Ca faisait quelques jours que j’avais envie d’en parler sur mon blog… et je retardais… et ce matin, tu m’as donné le courage, l’inspiration et la simplicité du recul nécessaire à ce genre de billet. Je t’ai suivie!

  2. Louis Falardeau Says:

    C’était une bonne idée de faire preuve de plus de discrétion.


  3. sophie Says:

    J’ai enlevé mon commentaire parce que j’ai jugé qu’il était maladroitement exprimé et risquait de blesser d’autres gens, pas vraiment par discrétion. Les seules personnes qui lisent mon blogue sont quelques membres de la famille à qui je n’avais rien appris et de parfaits inconnus qui ne savent même pas qui je suis, encore moins qui est ma famille. Alors je ne considère pas que j’avais été particulièrement indiscrète… Mais chacun a droit à son opinion.

  4. Dawn Says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle and Zaks as well. Life is fleeting and you are right to enjoy every moment. You can see when you have a child, how quickly time passes. Babies remind us of that with all of their changes infront of our very eyes each day.

  5. sophie Says:

    Yup! Hard to believe that our little ones are already almost 4 months old. My nephew just turned 10 and my sister was telling me how she used to kiss his little baby toes, what seemed like yesterday!