Yes, it’s raining…

Ever since I moved to Vancouver, I’ve been amazed at how whiny people here are about the weather. I thought people in Montréal were whiny, and true, they are: every year, the first snow storm or cold spell makes the news and people act like they didn’t expect it to happen. It’s Montréal! It snows there every year. You would think people would get over it? Well, in Vancouver, I think it’s even worse, except that it’s about the rain.

Now, I’m no expert in meteorology, but we live right between an ocean and a mountain range. The forest here is called a rain forest. Do I need to keep going on? It’s a rainy place! Everyone knows it. If you don’t like it, move! But don’t complain every time it rains and act like it’s the end of the world.

Sure, when there are several days in a row with very little sun, it influences your mood a little. But the actual rain here never lasts for that long. And it makes the vegetation lush: I had never seen grass as green as our winter grass here. Rain cleans up the air and brings fresh smells in town. And it’s the price to pay to live right by the ocean and the mountains, which is why most of you guys moved here in the first place!
When we came to Vancouver, we decided to get equipped. We went to MEC and bought Gore-Tex everything: jackets, pants, boots… We bought rain covers for our backpack. When we bought our stroller, the first criteria was that it be good in the rain. When it’s rainy, we go out anyway. Sure we need to bundle up more, sure we have to wipe the dog’s paws when we come home, but that’s hardly a death sentence!

So to all of you out there complaining about the rain… Think of the drinking water supply being replenished. Go out. Enjoy your city in its natural environment. Jump in the puddles. And quit whining!

Or move to California.

One Response to “Yes, it’s raining…”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Mais… Sophie!!! C’est si amusant de chialer après la maudite météo! Ici, c’est toujours humide, et je chiale, et pourtant ça reste humide! Mais ça fait partie du plaisir! Mais bon, s’il pleuvait toujours, je m’équiperais en imperméable… et là… je n’ai même plus de parapluie… snif!