No Thanks!

They say that when you have a baby you get all sorts of people giving you advice on how to raise your child, how to dress him or her, etc. Now so far, except for my elderly neighbors telling me that it’s too cold to take the baby out (and it’s only 5 degrees… What are people in Québec supposed to do, stay indoors from October to May?), I can’t say I have experienced that yet, but I know what it’s like since I have been down that road with our dog.

When you have a dog, especially a cute-looking one like ours (and I’m just slightly biased), everyone wants to give them cookies. Now, our dog is rather well behaved, only rarely jumping on strangers, but if he sees food he loses any manners we tried so hard to give him and turns into a real Tasmanian devil. He becomes uncontrollable and jumps on the cookie-bearer, who usually gets scared and drops the cookie in the dog’s mouth, therefore reinforcing the bad behavior.  And he has a truly astounding memory, so whenever he sees that person again he will go nuts and jump all over them. That’s why very early on we decided not to allow strangers to give him cookies. We can do it, because we will stick to our guns and not let him have a cookie if he is not politely sitting or lying down. But we don’t let other people do it.

A few weeks back, a mailman gave Sherpa a cookie before I had time to stop him. Ever since, my dog thinks all mailmen in uniform are cookie bearers. Luckily, our mailman (which I see at least once a week) is really nice and takes it in strides, even helping me calm my little tornado when I’m out with him and the baby trying to control one while stopping the other one from crying (I let you guess which is which). But this morning, I ran again into the mailman who gave him a cookie the first time. He was coming towards us from a distance and I said “No cookie, please”. But he got one out of his pocket anyway. I said louder, “No cookie”, then yelled “No!” as he just threw the cookie at the dog and then turned his heels and quickly walked the other way, leaving me fuming on the street corner.

What, is there another meaning to no that I don’t know of? What if my dog was allergic to that cookie?

Sometimes I find people so frustrating…

3 Responses to “No Thanks!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Ces gens sont les pires de tous… Ceux qui croient tellement qu’ils savent mieux que les autres ce qu’il faut faire qu’ils passent devant… Exactement comme ma belle-mère qui gave mes enfants de bonbons malgré mes multiples interdictions… Mais bon, c’est quand même pas le facteur…

  2. sophie Says:

    Au moins je n’aurai pas ce problème là… Ma belle-mère est diététiste, et elle donnait des barres tendres (santé) à l’Halloween aux pauvres enfants qui n’avaient pas encore compris. On a dù lui demander de donner moins de gâteries au chien, mais c’étaient des carottes!

  3. Danielle Says:

    J’aimerais bien que ma belle-mère donne des carottes à mes enfants…