Happy Halloween!

Tonight is Halloween! Elliot is a bit too young to go trick or treating, although he will be wearing his bear hat. With the crazy pace of our lives since he’s been here, we haven’t had time to carve any pumpkin, which is really disappointing for Zak who usually carves one or two masterpieces every year. But we will still celebrate and we are planning on spending some fun time giving out candy to our little neighbours.

We had a hard time with that part, though. What candy to give out? I should even say, do we give out candy? Since last year, we have changed a lot of things in our lives, ditched a few bad habits (and no doubt made a few more), and we are now eating a lot better. We never buy desert, although we bake a lot of it. The candy you can buy in store is pure sugar, and we feel bad giving them away. I know, it’s not the end of the world if kids eat crap once a year, but I also feel uneasy about encouraging huge corporations like Nestlé, which certainly don’t need our money and are most certainly responsible for the renewed enthusiasm with which North America has been celebrating Halloween these past years.

But what is the alternative? We live in a close knit community, and quite selfishly, I don’t want to be known as the bitter lady who doesn’t give out candy, especially since I do think that dressing up is a lot of fun and I want to take part in the excitement of tonight. I’m not quite ready either to start giving out fruit (I don’t think I could live up to that reputation). I wish I could give out some of our home-made bars or cookies, which I’m sure the kids would like at least as much as store-bought candy, but in these days and ages, who would allow their children to eat home-made treats given by strangers?

We did see at Costco a huge pack of tiny sized play-doh containers, which I thought was a genius idea for Halloween. But there are not enough kids coming by our house, we would have had tons of leftovers. So what can people with similar values to ours do to share the fun of this holiday without feeling like they’re selling their soul? I’m open to any and all suggestions…

8 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Je ne vois pas, honnêtement… J’ai acheté des mini barres de chocolat. Mais j’en ai souvent parlé aussi, des alternatives… Pas de fruit, pas de noix, pas de biscuits maison… Je ne pense pas qu’on ait le choix, mais si tu n’en achètes qu’à l’Halloween, je ne trouve pas que tu encourages beaucoup les producteurs!

  2. Anne Says:

    Danielle is right. Children are told in school to eat only individually and industrially wrapped candy. Nothing home-made is to be accepted. So either you don’t celebrate Halloween, or you give out crap. Two years from now, you’ll have a much more serious decision to make. Will you let Elliot eat Halloween candy for desert during weeks or even months…

  3. sophie Says:

    Good question… Of course, going door to door is the best part of the experience. Some people wait until their children go to bed on Halloween night and hide most of the candy. When their kids wake up they just think that they remember wrong how much candy they had. But I’m not sure the children learn much this way…

    Maybe when he’s older we can sort the candy with him, let him pick the best treats to keep and suggest that he shares by giving the rest away. Although I’m not sure to whom, I was going to suggest the food bank, but poor children probably don’t need any more sweets. Do hospitals distribute candy to sick children? Of course, they don’t need that either…

  4. Danielle Says:

    Moi, je me suis rappelé aujourd’hui des raisins secs Sun-Maid qui n’existent pas ici mais au Québec ils étaient vendus en petites boîtes individuelles et j’en ai déjà donné à l’Halloween! Il y a aussi des petits paquets d’arachides salées Planters, mais bon… c’est mieux que des bonbons, mais c’est plus gras!
    Quand les enfants sont petits, c’est effectivement très facile de jeter, donner ou manger (mais oui!) quantité de leurs bonbons… Mais quand ils sont grands… ben… je pense qu’il faudra que tu fasses avec… Moi, je préférerais le laisser s’empiffrer à en être malade durant trois jours que de le voir manger pendant trois mois 3 ou 4 bonbons à chaque collation!

  5. Mireille Says:

    Ma soeur a remis des autocollants et des barres de fruits «fruit to go». Elle a rajouté un suçon par sac parce qu’elle se sentait cheap. Je crois que les enfants vont autant aimer recevoir des autocollants d’Halloween que des bonbons. Je sais qu’il y a des gens qui remettent des brosses à dents aussi. Pas très populaire auprès des enfants mais oh combien auprès des parents!!! Je crois aussi que de plus en plus les parents sont découragés face à la quantité de bonbons que leurs enfants ramènent et cherchent d’autres avenues, donc tu ne serais pas la seule à remettre autre chose que des bonbons.

    Autrement il y a des jujubes bio fait de vrai jus de fruits… un peu cher pour l’Halloween, mais je te lance l’idée!

    Finalement, le truc pour ne pas passer pour cheap, c’est de mettre ce que tu donnes dans un sac opaque : les enfants ne savent pas ce que tu donnes et ne peuvent donc pas décider qui est la moche du quartier!!!!!

  6. Danielle Says:

    He he, Mireille! Mais ils se rappelleront qui donnait ses bonbons dans un sac opaque fait de papier recyclé!!! ;)

    Les barres de fruits, ça me paraît bien mais les autocollants… je ne trouve pas ça mieux! En tous cas, ce n’est pas plus écologique! Les brosses à dents… j’aurais été tellement déçue!!!

    Moi, je pense que l’Halloween n’est pas là pour qu’on donne des leçons aux enfants… leurs parents sont là pour ça! Par contre, je suis d’accord avec les produits maximum santé mais bons au goût qui existent au fond pour réconcilier plaisir et nourriture saine!

  7. zakary Says:

    Fruit leather is a good idea, I had completely forgot about it! My parents used to give fruit leather, raisins, sesame snaps and granola bars for Halloween and I think that the fruit leather was probably the best received. Interestingly I haven’t seen those little boxes of raisins around here for awhile, maybe stores stock bad candy because they know they will sell all of it.

    It is too bad we can’t just bake cookies or brownies to give out, it would sure taste better. Though growing up I seem to remember a couple that used to give out plain popcorn in little paper bags. I don’t think it was the favorite treat….

  8. Danielle Says:

    C’est vrai que les biscuits et gâteaux maison sont meilleurs! Mais honnêtement, quand tu ne connais pas la personne, tu ne sais pas si ses ingrédients sont frais, si elle est propre… Remarque… Un peu de mains sales… est-ce pire que des bonbons chimiques? Faudrait mettre un homme là-dessus!