Fit 4 Two

I discovered Fit 4 Two when I was pregnant. The company, created by a Mompreneur from Vancouver, offers a wide variety of fitness classes for pregnant women as well as parents of young children. I took their prenatal fitness class with Melanie Osmack, the founder of the company, who proved to be an invaluable source of information, an indefatigable motivator as well as an amazing and highly energetic trainer. The two other trainers who substituted for Melanie before she came back from her maternity leave were just as knowledgeable and fun. I have now started taking a Mommy and Baby Fitness class and I am just as happy with my experience.

I thought Elliot would be upset when I put him down on the mattresses that Melanie sets out for that purpose in the middle of the gym. But no! As soon as the music goes on and the moms start exercising around the mats, he stops fussing and takes in the sights, smiling at whoever will pay him attention. I can enjoy a good workout (adapted to be as strenuous or as light as you need it to be on that specific day), as well as some time out of the house and a good chat with other moms.

Good for your body and good for sanity! I highly recommend it!

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