16 Days and Couting

Our son was born 16 days ago, on August 6. That in itself certainly deserves another blog entry, which I will start working on once I get a few more hours of sleep. But I just wanted to mention another achievement I’m also very proud of: we haven’t turned on our TV in 16 days. Granted, the first 2 we were in the hospital, but we did have a TV in our room for some reason, which remained turned off. And we’ve been back home for 14 days and haven’t felt the need to “tune in”. The only thing I actually miss once in a while is the news, but we have been listening to them on the radio instead, which is probably a much better use of our family time. And despite what you could think, there would be time for me to watch TV: I spend most of my day tethered to the couch with a baby latched onto my nipple, so I could be watching inane shows at the same time. But I’m not. Instead I read, or I admire that little squirmy human being we created. And I’m probably happier this way.

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