The Waiting Game

Me and my belly at 35 weeksI’m almost 39 weeks pregnant with a little boy, a pregnancy that was unexpected but turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Since I found out that I was pregnant in mid-December, I had the most uneventful pregnancy I have ever heard about: no morning sickness, no back pain, barely any heartburns or leg cramps… Even when we had to do an ultrasound a few weeks ago because I was measuring small, it ended up being a false scare: the baby’s measurements were all normal. So if we had started a blog earlier to talk about the pregnancy, I’m afraid it would have been the most boring blog ever!

But now that I’m only 9 days from my due date, the excitement is slowly building up. Granted, I’m still feeling so good that I’m not in a big rush to deliver that baby. I just finished working and I’d be happy to enjoy my holidays for another week. But I’m also eager to meet that little guy who’s been growing inside of me for so long, although to be honest I still have trouble realizing that there’s really a baby in there. Some days I feel huge (even if objectively I really didn’t put up much weight), but at other times I look at my belly and have a hard time picturing how a baby can fit in there. And he’s supposed to be full-term, too!

Anyway, there’s nothing left to do now but wait. The baby’s room is ready, the clothes and (cloth) diapers are washed, the crib and cradle have sheets in them… I’m glad I worked until last Friday, because I’m starting to understand why so many mothers-to-be get really impatient to deliver: they’re just bored to tears! Hopefully the baby will come before I get there.

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