Hard to be wild…

Sophie and Zakary, Long Beach 2007It’s hard to be wild when you live in a city… even one that’s really close to nature like Vancouver.

I have always lived in a city but wished I could spend more time in nature. Zakary was raised in nature and not a day goes by that he doesn’t wish he was back there. For now, we are stuck in the city because of work, but as we are expecting our first child some time next week (hopefully), we want to do everything we can to live a more healthy, environmental and sane life, for us and for the sake of the generations that will follow us. This blog is meant as a way to share our thoughts and our efforts, and maybe help some other people (or get help from other people) on how you can stay wild while living in the city.


One Response to “Hard to be wild…”

  1. Kevin McConnell Says:

    Hello you two. Another good way to keep in touch. We are feeling the same that it is hard to be as connected to nature in the city. Each connection we find to help us live a more environmental and low impact life gives us encouragement. Miss you guys and love you both…